We offer a full range of services from free technical design advice through to complete design, supply and installation including structural metal-work if required.

With over 20 years of experience in glass block installation, we’re prepared to take on anything from domestic installations to the toughest of commercial challenges.

Some of our high-profile projects include The Terminal 5 Building and Compass Centre at Heathrow Airport, The Inland Revenue Building at Nottingham, The Newcastle Centre for Life, John Ormond House in Milton Keynes, The Saga Headquarters in Folkestone and many more.

We also supply and install tested fire-rated block systems.

We offer a wide range of glass block design and pattern options from the world’s leading manufacturers. In addition, we have developed and tested a range of new innovative products in the field, including our one hour fire block and the Silicone Bonded Frame system.

Typically we install glass block walls and floors in flats, houses, stations, airports, hospitals, schools, colleges, libraries, shopping centres, offices and industrial areas. We also have home office approved security glass blocks for use in high security areas such as prisons and police stations.

We supply and install a range of fire-rated block systems which can give up to 90 minutes integrity and 90 minutes insulation in accordance with BS 476 parts 20 and 22.

There is no limit to the length of wall that can be built subject to a maximum height of 3 metres.

The fire-rated glass blocks we offer have been tested at both BRE Garston and at the Warrington Fire Research Establishment.